Saturday, October 1, 2011

Prime Time for Leadership

How long before a leader emerges from the Occupation Mob assembled in New York? With only a minimal sense of common purpose ( they abhor corruption and greed ) and what appears to be an acceptance of nearly any special interest, they grow in numbers. Somewhere on this course of human events, someone will present themselves, and be recognized.

A leader focuses the energies of divergent interests towards a purpose, with an agenda. Mobs thrash about at the whim of provocateurs. If the Occupy Wall Street events have any lasting effect, those involved will soon need to form themselves behind such a person.

Perhaps someone who by nature stands head and shoulders above the crowd will begin to assert themselves. Maybe a celebrity will point a candidate out, and present that person as worthy, and able. More likely, some clever individual will see where the mob is moving, step to the front and assume a leadership role ( if only temporarily ).

Celebrities are gathering, and the press is gaining interest. Major Cities across the Nation are seeing similar crowds gather. It is a prime time for leadership across a Nation that feels disconnected, and exploited.